Michael Gable Hollywood, FL
Because of my large neck and short short stature, there isn't an off-the-rack dress shirt on earth that will fit, much less look good on me. Mike Lani has been making my shirts (and suits) for 15 years. Great services and prices equivalent ...
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How long does it take to get custom clothing?

It takes 3-4 weeks to get your clothes. If you require them sooner we will try our best to get them to you.

Why the numerical designations Super 100s , super 120s, super 150s, super 180s for the different wools what do they mean?

It is a numbering system to describe the new breed of super light weight , high twist wools . The finer or lighter the wool, the higher the number.

What is the numbering system for shirts?

You will often see fabric for dress shirts described numerically as 50s, 80s, 120s, 140s, 160s, etc. The higher the number , the finer the yarn. 120s, 140s, 160s two-ply cotton are the most luxurious and expensive fabrics. The fabric is silky smooth and most men make that extra investment as they enjoy the softness and luster.

How often should I get my suit dry cleaned?

Do not dry clean your suits too often, unless you had a spill. Get them pressed. Never store any garments in the protective dry cleaning bag, let them breathe as the bags promote mildew and make the fabrics hard.

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